Fortnite for Grandparents: Personalized, One-on-One Instruction

Fortnite is an online game most popular with those 12 to 18 years old. Players battle, competing to be the last one standing.

In this one-on-one class, we'll introduce you to this exciting game, offering a comprehensive guide to mastering the basics of Fortnite so you can join your grandkids on their turf.

Why Fortnite for Grandparents?

  • Connect with Grandkids: Share an activity that your grandkids love, opening new avenues for bonding and interaction.
  • Mental Agility: Engage in a game that encourages strategic thinking and quick decision-making, keeping your mind active.
  • Social Interaction: Learn how to play online safely and interact with others, expanding your social experiences.
  • Technological Confidence: Build your skills and confidence in using modern gaming platforms and technology.

What You'll Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Fortnite: Understand the game's objectives, controls, and how to navigate the virtual world.
  • Basic Gameplay: Learn how to play in different modes, find resources, and survive against opponents.
  • Playing with Others: Tips on teaming up with your grandkids or friends for cooperative gameplay.

Class Format:

  • Platform: Zoom (link provided upon registration)
  • Instructor: A tech-savvy teenager with extensive experience in Fortnite and teaching beginners.
  • Class length: Each class is one-hour long.
  • Interactive: Live demonstrations of Fortnite gameplay.
  • Q&A Session: Ample time for all your questions to be answered.

Step into an exciting world of gaming. Enjoy the thrill of battle, share memorable moments with your grandkids, and experience the joy of playing together!

Your current skill level:
Absolute beginner (3 hours of instruction) - $155.95
Some experience (2 hours of instruction) - $109.95
You know more than friends but aren't a pro (1 hour) - $59.95
Delivery details:
Classes are one-hour each. We'll schedule your class(es) within a week of your payment.
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