Help Grandparents Capture Their Life Story and Family History: Make Up to US$359 per Referral

If you refer a Leave a Legacy client to us, we’ll pay you 12% of the fees we receive. That’s $83 to $359 for each successful referral. There’s no limit on the number of successful referrals you can make.

What are Leave a Legacy packages? They're short memoirs that help grandparents capture their life story for grandkids and other family.'s Leave a Legacy packages allow individuals to have their life stories professionally written, edited, and bound into a beautiful book. They're designed for grandparents who want to capture their memories, experiences, and wisdom for future generations.

Who buys Leave a Legacy packages? In short, grandparents over age 60 who can afford to spend at least US$700.

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Clients are typically at least one of the following:

  • Older than 60 years old and/or preparing for the uncertainty of the future.
  • Grandparents who wish to share their wisdom and stories with family, especially with younger family members like grandkids.
  • Retirees looking to reflect on their life to date.

How much will you make per successful referral? Up to US$359.

There's no limit to the number of referrals one can make.

Client orders this Leave a Legacy Package What client pays Total Ambassador receives for a successful referral (12%)
Bronze US$695 US$59
Silver US$2,495 US$299
Gold US$2,995  US$359

How you get credit for a referral? They enter your name during checkout.

After introducing your contact to what we do and explaining why it's a great fit for their needs, please simply direct your contact to the Leave a Legacy order page (they might need your help filling this out) and have them list you as the referrer. Upon payment from them, we'll reach out to you to get your payment info (e.g. PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, check) so we can pay you.

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  • If they just list your name (i.e., no specific contact info from you), that's fine; we'll ask them for your contact info.
  • If they forget to list any referral source, don't worry; we'll ask them in the onboarding process if they were referred by someone and we'll note that in their account. That'll still count as a referral for you if they tell us your name when we ask.

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Terms and Conditions

1. The referral fee is payable upon completion of the project, defined as delivery of the completed product to the client.

1.1. If we refund the client, the Ambassador will in turn be liable for a prorated refund of the referral fee.

2. Rates (package prices and commission payable to Ambassadors) are subject to change at any time but cannot be changed retroactively.

3. This Ambassador Agreement does not supersede any other current sales agreement with

4. Commissions are only paid on Leave a Legacy packages; not on other products or services your referrals purchase from

5. We pay commission as specified in the table above based on net revenue after payment processing fees (generally about 3.5%). If the client pays via check, the Ambassador gets the full percentage of the referral fee. If the client pays by credit card, the Ambassador gets the listed percentage of the package price minus the card processing charges. For example, if the package costs US$2,995 and the Ambassador is due a 12% referral fee, the Ambassador gets 2,995*0.12 if the client pays via wire. If the client pays by credit card, the ghostwriting ambassador gets 2,995*(1-0.035)*0.12.

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