Bulk LEGO® pieces: Sold by the pound

Your Grandkids Will Love Building With Thousands of Random LEGO Pieces

  • Endless Possibilities: Let their imaginations soar with a vast assortment of LEGO bricks.
  • Affordable: This gift is the perfect way to build any LEGO dream, all at a low cost.
  • Clean and Intact: The bricks are used but have been clean and inspected. Those that are damaged are discarded.
  • Maximum Variety: Explore a mix of bricks, plates, and specialty pieces to fuel your grandkids' creativity.

Build and Bond with Your Grandkids

  • Unleash Your Grandkids' Imagination: Build towering castles, speedy race cars, or futuristic space stations.
  • Quality Time Together: Bond with your grandkids over the shared joy of building and creating.
  • Educational Fun: Develop problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and creativity through play.

Explore our collection of clean and intact used LEGO bricks by the pound. With our quality-assured selection, the only limit is your imagination!

Two (2) pounds (about 1000 LEGO pieces) - $54.95 ($27.48/pound)
Three (3) pounds (about 1500 LEGO pieces) - $69.95 ($23.32/pound)
MOST POPULAR: Four (4) pounds (about 2000 LEGO pieces) - $84.95 ($21.24/pound)
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