ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence for Grandparents: Personalized, One-on-One Instruction

How can grandparents and seniors benefit from learning the basics of AI tools?
ChatGPT and other AI tools can help grandparents in so many ways. These tools (which we'll demystify) can draft messages to save you time and energy; they can explain slang and teenage perspectives on issues; they can provide summaries of complex issues; they can help you modify photos; and so much more.

Why This Class is Essential for Grandparents:
This unique one-on-one class is crafted specifically for those in their 70s, offering an accessible and engaging introduction to ChatGPT and the fascinating realm of AI. We aim to help you:

  • Understand Modern Tech: Grasp the basics of AI and ChatGPT, and learn how they can improve your life and your connection with your family.
  • Enhance Communication: Discover how ChatGPT can assist in various tasks, from writing emails to searching for information.
  • Stimulate Intellectual Curiosity: Engage with a technology that's shaping the future, keeping your mind active,  young, and informed.
  • Bridge the Generational Gap: Connect with younger family members over shared interests in technology and AI.

What You'll Learn:

  • Introduction to AI and ChatGPT: Understand the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and how ChatGPT operates.
  • Practical Uses: Explore how ChatGPT can assist in daily tasks, learning new skills, and more.
  • How to Stay Safe when Using AI: We'll explain what info to provide to AI and what info to keep private and how AI is being used by some to scam seniors.

Class Format:

  • Platform: Zoom (link provided upon registration)
  • Instructor: A tech-savvy individual with extensive experience in the practical uses of AI for seniors.
  • Class length: Each class is one-hour long.
  • Interactive: Live demonstrations of how to use ChatGPT and other key AI tools.
  • Q&A Session: Ample time for all your questions to be answered.

Step confidently into the world of AI. Enhance your knowledge, stay connected with the evolving digital landscape, and enjoy meaningful conversations with your grandkids about the technology of their generation!

Your current skill level:
Absolute beginner (3 hours of instruction) - $155.95
Some experience (2 hours of instruction) - $109.95
You know more than friends but aren't a pro (1 hour) - $59.95
Delivery details:
Classes are one-hour each. We'll schedule your class(es) within a week of your payment.
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