Done for You: We'll Create a Custom Trophy to Celebrate Your Grandkid

Kids love trophies. It’s just a fact.

We understand the joy and pride that grandparents feel towards their grandkids' accomplishments. Our "Done For You" custom trophy is designed to honor and celebrate these special moments. These trophies are the perfect way to show your grandkids just how proud you are of their special achievements, no matter how small their little kid achievements may be ("Best Bike Rider" is a common one).


  • Personalized Engraving: Customize with your grandkid's name and their specific achievement.

  • Simple Process: After ordering, just text or email us what you'd like it to say. You never have to deal with any complex technology. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in the price.

Examples of Custom Titles:

  • Superstar Artist
  • Math Whiz
  • Best Bike Rider
  • Best Ballerina
  • Best Reader
  • Best Grandkid Ever

...and many more! The possibilities are endless, and the choice is all yours.

Why Give a Custom Trophy?

Our custom trophies are a heartfelt way to celebrate the unique talents and passions of your grandkids, especially those ages 4-8. It's a keepsake that says, "I'm proud you're so passionate and and I love you."

Order now and make your grandkid's day unforgettable with a personalized trophy from For a snippet in time, your grandkid can believe that he or she is truly the "Best Ballerina Ever." And, even after they figure out that the "award" wasn't presented in an unbiased fashion, it'll still be a symbol of your love for them for many years.

Delivery details:
Custom trophies generally arrive in about 1.5 weeks. That includes the trophy's creation and shipping time. FREE SHIPPING.
Have questions? Call 1-800-296-8099.
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