Instagram for Grandparents: Personalized, One-on-One Instruction

Do you find Facebook to be easy to navigate (if you do need help with Facebook, check this out) but Instagram to be hard? Would you like to see the many photos of grandkids that your kids post to Instagram? If so, this course is for you.

This personalized one-on-one class is perfect for grandparents eager to connect with their grandkids, explore Instagram, and perhaps even share their own photos online.

Why This Class is Perfect for Grandparents:

  • Bridge the Digital Gap: Learn a platform your kids and grandkids love, creating new ways to connect and engage with them.
  • Engage Safely: Learn how to use Instagram safely and securely, protecting your privacy while enjoying more social connection.
  • Share Life's Moments (if you want): Gain the skills to share photos and messages, showcasing your experiences and family memories.

What You'll Learn:

  • The Basics of Instagram: Understand the fundamentals of the app, including setting up an account, navigating the app, and understanding privacy settings.
  • How to Engage with Others: Guidance on seeing content from family and friends, liking, commenting, and using direct messages to communicate.
  • How to Explore Content: Discover how to find and enjoy content that interests you, from family updates to hobby-related posts.
  • How to Create Posts (if you want): Learn how to share photos, write captions, use filters, and more.

Class Format:

  • Platform: Zoom (link provided upon registration)
  • Instructor: A tech-savvy teenager with extensive experience in Instagram and teaching beginners.
  • Class length: Each class is one-hour long.
  • Interactive: Live demonstrations of Instagram features.
  • Q&A Session: Ample time for all your questions to be answered.

Start connecting with your kids, grandkids, and friends on this photo-based social network. It's easier than it seems.

Your current skill level:
Absolute beginner (3 hours of instruction) - $155.95
Some experience (2 hours of instruction) - $109.95
You know more than friends but aren't a pro (1 hour) - $59.95
Delivery details:
Classes are one-hour each. We'll schedule your class(es) within a week of your payment.
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