iPhone Photos Tips and Tricks for Grandparents: Personalized, One-on-One Instruction

Tailored to grandparents, this one-on-one lesson will guide you through the many useful (and often hidden) features of your iPhone's camera, helping you capture and share life's precious moments just like a pro. Perfect for seniors looking to go beyond just "point and click" to understand what their iPhone's camera and photo apps can really do.

Why This Class is Beneficial for Grandparents:

  • Capture Family Memories: Learn to take beautiful photos of family gatherings, grandkid events, and everyday moments. Sure, you can likely currently take photos, but can you take them in Portrait Mode (they're beautiful) or set a timer so you can easily get a group photo? We'll show you how.
  • Creative Expression: Explore your artistic side and share your perspective through photos.
  • Stay Connected: Learn how to share your photos with family and friends, bringing you closer to your grandkids and other loved ones.

You'll Learn How To...

  • Use Your iPhone Camera Better Than Your Kids: Navigate and use different camera modes, like Portrait, Panorama, and Live Photos.
  • Edit Photos: Simple editing tricks to enhance your pictures using the Photos app.
  • Organize Your Gallery: Tips on sorting, creating albums, and backing up your precious memories.
  • Share with Family: How to share your photos via email, social media, or creating digital albums.

Class Format:

  • Platform: Zoom (link provided upon registration)
  • Instructor: A tech-savvy teenager with extensive experience in iPhone photo manipulation and teaching people of all skill levels.
  • Class length: Each class is one-hour long.
  • Interactive: Live demonstrations of iPhone photo features.
  • Q&A Session: Ample time for all your questions to be answered.

Transform the way you capture and share your world. Impress your family with stunning photos and enjoy the thrill of preserving and sharing life's beautiful moments!

Your current skill level:
Absolute beginner (2 hours of instruction) - $109.95
Some experience (1 hour of instruction) - $59.95
Delivery details:
Classes are one-hour each. We'll schedule your class(es) within a week of your payment.
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