Done for You: Wall Photos—Effortless Grandkid Photo Tiles

This service is designed for grandparents who want to fill their homes with cherished photos of their grandkids without the fuss of handling technical details. Just order below and then text or email us your photos and we'll take care of photo editing, printing, framing, and shipping.

In about nine days, you'll have beautiful photos of your grandkids that can easily be adhered to your walls without any damage or hassle.


  • Personalized Photo Tiles: Transform your grandkid's photos into adhesive wall tiles.
  • Tech-Free Process: No need to navigate complicated printing or editing software.
  • Quality Assurance: We ensure each photo is printed with clarity and vibrant colors.
  • Wall-Safe Adhesive: Our tiles stick firmly but can be removed without leaving marks.
  • Effortless Application: Simple peel-and-stick method for easy placement.


  • Showcase Your Love: Turn your walls into a tribute to your grandkids.
  • Convenience: Skip the technicalities and focus on choosing your favorite photos.
  • Quick Turnaround: From receiving your photos to having them on your walls in just two weeks.
  • Change Anytime: Rearrange or replace photos as you get new favorites.

Ideal For

  • Grandparents wanting an easy way to display photos of their grandkids.
  • Those looking for a hassle-free approach to personalized wall decor.
  • Anyone who loves to update their space with new photos regularly.

How It Works

  1. Easily Send Your Photos: After ordering, simply email or text us photos of your grandkids.
  2. Relax, We Handle Everything: From design and printing to preparing the adhesive tiles.
  3. Delivery to Your Doorstep: Your custom photo tiles are shipped to you.
  4. Decorate in Seconds: Stick the photo tiles on your walls to create your personal gallery.

    Creating a grandkid-themed gallery is as easy as texting or emailing us some photos. Let us help you showcase your family conveniently and stylishly.

    8"x8" - $15
    12"x12" - $39
    Frame Color:
    Delivery details:
    After ordering, we'll ask you to text or email us your favorite photos. We'll lightly edit them (takes about two days) and then we'll send framed versions to you (takes about seven days). FREE SHIPPING.
    Have questions? Call 1-800-296-8099.
    Want to pay via check instead of online? Sure thing! Contact us.
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