Expand Your Grandkids' Library With Used Children's Books in Bulk

Never run out of fun books to read to your grandkids with age-appropriate kids books sent right to your door.

Just $2.49 per book with shipping included.

All kinds of books are available, sorted by age for your convenience:

  • Beloved Classics: Rediscover timeless tales that have enchanted generations.
  • Whimsical Picture Books: Spark laughter and wonder with delightful illustrations and engaging stories.
  • Heartwarming Tales: Share valuable life lessons with stories that touch the heart.
  • Thrilling Adventures: Ignite curiosity and imagination with captivating adventures in every genre.

Why Order Bulk Books From Grandkids.com?

  • Affordable Prices: Expand your library without breaking the bank. Each book (with shipping!) costs about half the price of a Starbucks coffee.
  • Previously Loved Books, But Still In Good Shape: Quality reads that still have tons of magic left to share.
  • The Fun of the Surprise: We'll curate your selection based on your grandkid's age but the exact contents of every box is different. Order anywhere from 35 to 125 books in a single box, flipping the pages of each to see what fun is inside.

    Buy a Box or Two Today

    Select from the options below and embark on a journey of imagination with your grandkids. When anywhere from 35 to 125 books arrive on your doorstep, you'll never run out of fun things to read!

    Type of Box:
    Ages 1-5 - About 35 Books - $3.49 per book - $122.15
    Ages 1-5 - About 75 Books - $2.49 per book - $186.75
    Ages 5-8 - About 60 Books - $3.49 per book - $209.40
    Ages 5-8 - About 125 Books - $2.49 per book - $311.25
    Ages 8-11 - About 40 Books - $3.49 per book - $139.60
    Ages 8-11 - About 85 Books - $2.49 per book - $211.65
    Delivery details:
    FREE SHIPPING. Arrives in about two weeks.
    Have questions? Call 1-800-296-8099.
    Want to pay via check instead of online? Sure thing! Contact us.
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