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40+ Delightfully Fun Activities Grandparents Can Do With Kids of Any Age

40+ Delightfully Fun Activities Grandparents Can Do With Kids of Any Age

Whether you're a new recruit to the grandparent squad or you've been in the game since cassette tapes were cool, we've got a list of activities to make your time with the grandkids legendary. Let's jump right in!

1. Baking Cookies:

baking cookies

Spending quality time together is what makes memories between grandparents and grandkids so special. Engaging in activities like baking cookies can be a delightful way to bond, as nothing says 'I love you' quite like a chocolate chip smile shared over a freshly baked treat. To make this activity even more enjoyable and convenient, consider purchasing a fun and easy-to-use children's baking set, perfect for little hands to help in the kitchen.

Here's what we recommend: Kids baking kit

Don't forget to record any secret family cookie recipes for posterity. Here's one really cool way to record family history.

record your family history

2. Sharing Your Stories:

sharing stories

Grandparents have a treasure trove of stories, and sharing these tales with grandkids creates a magical bond. Spin the yarns of your past adventures and watch their eyes widen with wonder as you recount your youthful exploits or travel tales. To enhance this storytelling experience, consider purchasing a beautifully illustrated world atlas for kids or a storybook that mirrors your adventures, making the stories come alive and sparking a love for storytelling and exploration in your grandchild.

And, if you're interested in making sure your stories *never* disappear, have Grandkids.com write a "mini memoir" for you. More info here.

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3. Gardening Together:


Gardening together is a wonderful way for grandparents and grandkids to connect with nature and each other. Dig into the dirt and plant the seeds of tomorrow, teaching valuable lessons about growth and patience, or just enjoy the simple pleasure of planting some pretty petunias. To make this activity more engaging and accessible for young ones, consider purchasing a child-friendly gardening kit, complete with colorful tools, perfect for little hands eager to explore the wonders of gardening.

Here's what we recommend: Kids gardening kit

4. Bird Watching:


Spending time outdoors can be a great adventure for grandparents and grandkids. Compete to see who can spot the most robins and sparrows, turning a simple walk into a fun and educational bird-watching expedition. To bring those distant birds into clear view and enhance the experience, consider purchasing a pair of lightweight, child-friendly binoculars, which can become a cherished tool for exploration and discovery on your nature adventures.

Here's what we recommend: Kids binoculars with a book of bird stickers

5. Arts and Crafts:

arts and crafts

Crafting is a fantastic way for grandparents and grandkids to unleash their creativity and spend quality time together. Unleash the glue sticks and colored paper, and let creativity reign as you both embark on making handmade cards, scrapbooks, or fun art projects. To enhance this artistic adventure, consider investing in a comprehensive craft kit that includes a variety of materials like glitter, stickers, and decorative scissors, ensuring endless possibilities for creative expression and fun.

Here's what we recommend:

6. Having a Picnic:


Picnics are a delightful way for grandparents and grandkids to enjoy the beauty of nature while sharing stories and laughs. Lay out the blanket and feast on sandwiches in the great outdoors, creating a special moment that blends relaxation with the joy of eating al fresco. To make these picnics even more memorable and convenient, consider purchasing a durable picnic basket set, complete with plates, utensils, and a cooler compartment, perfect for storing your outdoor feast.

7. Playing Board Games:

board games

Board games are timeless, offering fun and learning opportunities for both grandparents and grandkids. Dust off the old classics or try something new; the board is your battlefield, where strategy meets laughter and friendly competition. To add a fresh twist to your game nights, consider purchasing a modern board game designed for all ages, which can introduce exciting new rules and challenges, keeping the spirit of competition and bonding alive across generations.

Here are some of the best board games for grandkids and grandparents to enjoy together:

8. Completing a Puzzle:


Working on a jigsaw puzzle together is a wonderful way for grandparents and grandkids to challenge their minds and enjoy each other's company. Challenge yourselves with a thousand-piece behemoth, a task that combines patience, problem-solving, and teamwork. To make this activity even more engaging, consider purchasing a large, colorful puzzle that depicts a scene or subject of mutual interest, ensuring hours of focused, enjoyable collaboration and a beautiful piece of art to admire upon completion.

Did you know Grandkids.com can make a custom puzzle of your grandkid for you? Check this out.

get a custom puzzle button

9. Hosting a Movie Night:

movie night

Movie nights can be a cozy and delightful way for grandparents and grandkids to bond and relax together. Popcorn and pillows—bring the theater home for a special evening filled with your favorite films or cartoons. To enhance this cinematic experience, get a projector for the full effect. But, at a minimum, you need movie-style popcorn buckets. Enjoy unforgettable movie nights!

10. Stargazing:


Stargazing is a magical activity that can inspire wonder and curiosity in both grandparents and grandkids. Teach them to wish upon a star and dream big as you both gaze up at the night sky, sharing stories and constellations. To make this celestial adventure even more captivating, consider purchasing a beginner's telescope, which can bring distant stars and planets into clear view and enhance the learning and bonding experience under the stars.

Here's our favorite telescope for kids.

11. Exploring Trails:


Exploring the great outdoors together is a fantastic way for grandparents and grandkids to connect with nature and each other. Embark on a nature hike and collect pinecones, leaves, and other natural treasures for a craft project later. To make these nature walks more comfortable and enjoyable, consider purchasing a lightweight, durable backpack designed for kids, perfect for carrying their findings and essentials, and perhaps a nature guidebook to help identify the flora and fauna you discover along the way.

We also recommend:

12. Visiting the Library:


Storytelling is a timeless activity, rich in learning and bonding opportunities for grandparents and grandkids. It's a treasure trove of tales waiting to be told, where each story holds laughter, lessons, and a piece of history. To bring these stories to life and encourage the young ones to create their own, consider purchasing a set of Story Cubes or a storytelling card game. These tools spark imagination and help in weaving together fascinating tales, making storytelling sessions even more engaging and memorable. Get them here:

13. Cooking a Meal:


Cooking together is not just about making food; it's about sharing stories, traditions, and creating new memories. Pass down that cherished family recipe or invent a new one together, blending the old with the new in the kitchen. To make this culinary bonding experience more enjoyable and educational for the young chef, consider purchasing a kid-friendly cooking set, complete with an apron, utensils, and a cookbook filled with simple, delicious recipes perfect for little hands and curious minds.

Get these cooking supplies for kids:

While we're on the topic, it's crucial that you don't let any family recipes disappear into the ether. Instead, record them in a Leave a Legacy package.

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14. Playing a video game they love:

grandfather playing Roblox

Joining your grandkids in a video game they love can be a delightful and bonding experience. Here are four games that are both popular with young kids and accessible enough for grandparents to dive in:

  • Minecraft (most popular with ages 7-15): This game is a virtual sandbox where creativity knows no bounds. Build worlds together, go on adventures, or simply explore this blocky universe side by side. Minecraft's cooperative gameplay makes it perfect for sharing ideas and working on projects as a team. Learn to play Minecraft.
  • Fortnite (most popular with ages 12-18): If you're up for a bit more action, Fortnite's Battle Royale mode can be exhilarating. Work as a team to be the last ones standing, or just have fun navigating this colorful, fast-paced world. It's a great way to connect and experience the thrill of the game together. Learn to play Fortnite.
  • Roblox (most popular with ages 7-16): Explore the vast world of Roblox with your grandkids, where you can engage in various user-created games. From adventurous quests to creative building projects, Roblox offers countless opportunities for fun and grandparent-grandkid bonding. Learn to play Roblox.
  • Among Us (most popular with ages 10-15): For those who enjoy a mix of strategy and mystery, Among Us offers an engaging experience. Work together to complete tasks on a spaceship and figure out who the impostor is. It combines critical thinking with lots of laughs. Learn to play Among Us.

Playing these games with your grandkids not only brings you into their digital world but also shows your willingness to participate in activities they love. It's a fantastic way to bridge the generational gap and create lasting memories.

15. Going Fishing:


Fishing trips can be a serene and bonding experience for grandparents and grandkids, filled with anticipation and excitement. Even if the fish are safe for another day, the stories shared by the water's edge are a catch in themselves, full of wisdom and laughter. To make these fishing adventures more enjoyable and successful, consider purchasing a beginner-friendly fishing rod designed for children, along with a simple tackle box. This equipment can make the experience more accessible and fun, creating lasting memories whether the fish bite or not.

Get a fishing rod kit for kids here. Or, get a pretend fishing rod for the bath here.

16. Throwing a Tea Party:

tea party

Hosting a tea party, whether with real tea and treats or an imaginary spread, is a delightful activity for grandparents and grandkids. Real or imaginary—scones and giggles are a must as you both enjoy the pretend sips and delightful snacks. To bring a touch of reality to these charming gatherings, consider purchasing a child-friendly tea set, complete with teacups, saucers, and a teapot. This simple addition can transform an imaginary tea party into a wonderful real-life experience, fostering imagination and joy in your time together.

Here are our two favorite tea sets for kids:

17. Making Scrapbooks:


Creating a photo album or scrapbook is a meaningful way for grandparents and grandkids to preserve memories. Capture today's moments for tomorrow's nostalgia by taking photos and collecting mementos from your time spent together. You can even include old family images (repairing them here or colorizing them here). To make scrapbooking even more enjoyable, consider purchasing a user-friendly digital camera designed for children, along with a scrapbooking kit. These tools will not only help in capturing and preserving memories but also encourage creativity and storytelling as you both assemble your shared experiences into a beautiful keepsake.

Get supplies and help here:

While we're on the topic, it's paramount that you don't let key family history disappear into the ether. Capture it and pearls of generational wisdom in a Leave a Legacy package.

To learn more, contact us:

1. Call us right now (1-800-296-8099) and we'll gladly talk with you about what your goals are and how interviewing normally goes.

2. Fill out this simple contact form and we'll reply to set up a time to talk.

18. Volunteering:


Participating in community service is a valuable and fulfilling activity for grandparents and grandkids to do together, teaching the importance of empathy and giving back. Share the joy of giving back to the community together by engaging in local volunteering projects, like planting trees in a community garden or helping at a food bank.

19. Setting up a Treasure Hunt:

treasure hunt

Setting up a treasure hunt is an exciting and engaging activity that grandparents can enjoy with their grandkids. Hide clues around the house or garden and watch the young detectives at work, their excitement growing with each discovered clue leading them closer to the hidden treasure. To enhance this adventurous game, consider purchasing a treasure hunt kit, complete with ready-made clues, maps, and small prizes. This kit not only saves time in preparation but also adds an element of professionalism and fun to the treasure hunt, making it an unforgettable experience for the young explorers.

Stock up on supplies:

20. Exploring Museums:


Visiting museums is a wonderful way for grandparents and grandkids to explore history, science, and art together. Each exhibit is a doorway to another world and time, offering endless opportunities for learning and imagination. To make these museum visits more interactive and educational, consider purchasing a kids book that explains how the world's best museums function. This can turn a simple visit into an exciting adventure, as kids will begin to understand how much creativity and science goes into the displays they see. Get this behind the scenes book here.

21. Trying Pottery:


Making pottery is a fantastic and creative activity for grandparents and grandkids to enjoy together. Get your hands dirty and maybe make a mug or two, experiencing the joy of shaping and creating something from a lump of clay. To facilitate this artistic endeavor, consider purchasing a beginner's pottery making kit, which typically includes clay, sculpting tools, and paints. This kit provides all the essentials needed to start crafting your own pottery pieces, offering a fun and tactile way to express creativity and make lasting keepsakes.

Get supplies here:

22. Playing Dress Up:

dress up

Hosting a fashion show at home can be a delightful and imaginative activity for grandparents and grandkids. Fashion show in the living room? Absolutely. Turn your living space into a runway, where you both can model homemade or favorite outfits, complete with music and laughter. To add an extra sparkle to this event, consider purchasing a dress-up costume kit or a set of playful accessories like hats, scarves, and sunglasses. This addition not only enhances the fun of the fashion show but also encourages creativity and self-expression in your young fashionista.

get a mystery dress-up box button

Here are some other great dress-up options:

23. Flying Kites:


Kite flying is a timeless outdoor activity that can be both exhilarating and relaxing for grandparents and grandkids. Pick a breezy day and conquer the sky, watching as your kite dances and soars high above, a shared triumph against the wind. To enhance this experience, consider purchasing a colorful, easy-to-fly kite designed for children. These kites are not only more manageable for little hands but also come in a variety of fun shapes and designs, making the challenge of kite flying more enjoyable and accessible for the young ones.

Here are some kite options to choose from:

24. Learning an Instrument:


Creating music together is a wonderful way for grandparents and grandkids to connect and express themselves. Make music together, even if it’s just a joyful noise, experimenting with different sounds and rhythms, and enjoying the fun of making music, regardless of skill level. To facilitate this musical adventure, consider purchasing a set of beginner-friendly musical instruments, like a small keyboard, a ukulele, or a set of percussion instruments. These instruments can make the experience more engaging and accessible, allowing you and your grandchild to explore the world of music in a fun and interactive way.

We recommend:

25. Playing Sports:


Engaging in outdoor sports is a great way to stay active and have fun for both grandparents and grandkids. Shoot hoops, kick a ball, or putt on the mini-greens, enjoying a variety of games that encourage physical activity and friendly competition. To make these sports more enjoyable and tailored to all ages, consider purchasing a multi-sport set that includes adjustable basketball hoops, a soccer ball, and a portable mini-golf kit. This versatile sports equipment allows for a range of activities, ensuring that everyone can find a game they love and can participate in together.

Here are some options for the littlest ones:

26. Conducting Science Experiments:

science experiments

Conducting simple science experiments is a fantastic way for grandparents to engage with their grandkids and spark their curiosity. For the youngest ones, creating a vinegar and baking soda volcano can be a thrilling introduction to basic chemistry, showing them the best volcano ever with just household items. However, for the older children, consider stepping up the excitement by ordering a comprehensive science kit. These kits come with a variety of experiments and all the necessary materials, offering a safe and educational way to explore more complex scientific concepts, keeping the fun and learning going for all ages.

get a mystery science box button

Or, check out these great science kit options:

27. Visiting the Zoo:


A visit to the zoo is an enchanting experience for grandparents and grandkids, full of wonder and discovery. Say hello to the monkeys and maybe mimic their chatter, explore the exotic world of animals, and learn about wildlife together. To make this zoo adventure even more engaging, consider purchasing a book of animal facts ahead of time to get your grandkids excited.


28. Writing Stories:

writing stories

Writing stories together is an excellent way for grandparents and grandkids to unleash their creativity and bond over shared tales. Collaborate on an epic tale or a silly short story, letting your imaginations run wild as you weave characters and plots together. To facilitate this creative process and make it even more enjoyable, consider purchasing a story writing kit for kids. These kits often include story prompts, character ideas, and even bookbinding materials, allowing you and your grandchild to not only create a story together but also turn it into a physical book to treasure for years to come.

Want someone to write a memoir about you that your adult grandkids can learn from? Grandkids.com writes mini memoirs like that.

create a memoir
Want someone to write a custom children's book about your grandkids? Grandkids.com writes custom children's books like that.

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    29. Read a Book Together

    grandma reading to grandkid

    Settle into a cozy corner with your grandkids and embark on a reading adventure together! Whether it's a captivating storybook, an exciting chapter book, or a fascinating non-fiction title, reading together sparks imagination and fosters a love for books. Easily assemble a large array of children's books here.

    order bulk children's books

    29. Painting Rocks:

    painting rocks

    Engaging in a 'kindness rocks' project can be a heartwarming and meaningful activity for grandparents and grandkids. First, spend time together painting and decorating rocks with uplifting messages or cheerful designs. Then, hide them around town for a delightful surprise for unsuspecting finders. To get started on this compassionate endeavor, consider purchasing a rock painting kit, which typically includes smooth rocks, non-toxic paints, and brushes. This simple activity not only fosters creativity and bonding but also teaches the value of spreading joy and kindness in the community. Get a kit here.

    30. Creating a Puppet Show:

    puppet show

    Creating sock puppets is a wonderfully imaginative and fun activity for grandparents and grandkids. Socks have never been so entertaining – with just a few simple supplies, you can transform them into a cast of characters, ready to star in your own puppet show. To make this activity even more engaging, consider purchasing a sock puppet craft kit, which typically includes colorful socks, googly eyes, fabric glue, and various decorations. This kit allows for endless creativity and provides all the necessary materials for a delightful afternoon of puppet making and storytelling.

    31. Going on a Bike Ride:

    bike ride

    Biking together is a healthy and enjoyable way for grandparents and grandkids to explore the outdoors and spend quality time together. Pedal power through the park, enjoying the fresh air and scenic views, while engaging in light exercise. To make this activity accessible and fun for the younger ones, consider purchasing a child-friendly bicycle with training wheels or a balance bike. These bikes are designed to build confidence and skills in young riders, making your cycling adventures safe and enjoyable for all skill levels.

    32. Building Models:

    model airplane

    Building models together is an exciting and rewarding activity for grandparents and grandkids, especially when it involves favorite themes like cars, planes, or dinosaurs. Whether it’s constructing intricate car models, assembling model airplanes, or creating a prehistoric world with dinosaurs, it’s all epic and a fantastic way to bond. To kickstart this creative journey, consider purchasing a themed model-building kit suitable for children. These kits often come with all the necessary pieces and instructions to build models of their favorite vehicles or creatures, providing hours of educational fun and a sense of accomplishment once completed.

    Here are the model-building kits we like best:

    33. Spending a Day on a Farm:

    visiting a farm

    Visiting a local farm can be an enlightening and enjoyable experience for grandparents and grandkids. Collect eggs from the chicken coop, learn where milk really comes from by watching the milking process, and gain a deeper understanding of farm life. To enhance this educational outing, consider purchasing a children's book on farming or a farm animal toy set before the visit. These resources can provide valuable context and make the experience more relatable and engaging for young children, helping them to connect with the activities and learn about the origins of their food in a fun and interactive way.

    Get supplies here:

    34. Practicing Yoga:


    Practicing yoga together is a wonderful way for grandparents and grandkids to focus on balance and calm, while also incorporating a healthy dose of silliness and laughter. Teach simple yoga poses, playfully imitating animals and shapes, and enjoy the blend of relaxation and fun. To make this activity more engaging for kids, consider purchasing a children's yoga mat and a yoga card game or book with illustrated poses. These tools can help make yoga more accessible and enjoyable for young ones, fostering a love for physical activity and mindfulness in a lighthearted and playful manner.

    Get a kid's yoga mat here. Get a book of poses for kids here.

    35. Singing Karaoke:


    Having a karaoke session is a fantastic and joyful way for grandparents and grandkids to bond over music. Time to belt out the old tunes and maybe learn some new ones, sharing laughter and melodies together. To make this musical activity even more entertaining and accessible, consider purchasing a home karaoke machine. These machines often come with a selection of songs, microphones, and sometimes even lighting effects, providing a fun platform for both of you to showcase your singing talents and create memorable musical moments together.

    Here's the best karaoke machine for kids (over 13,000 reviews!) that we've found.

    36. Visiting a Planetarium:


    Exploring the wonders of space can be an awe-inspiring activity for grandparents and grandkids, all from the comfort of home. Take a tour of the universe, no rocket needed, by delving into the mysteries of planets, stars, and galaxies. To bring the cosmos closer and make this journey more interactive, consider purchasing a home planetarium projector. These devices can cast images of the night sky and celestial bodies onto your ceiling, turning your living room into a personal observatory and providing an educational and magical stargazing experience without leaving the house.

    Don't have a planetarium nearby? Use this home planetarium projector. Reading a book about space beforehand can really make the experience out of this world!

    37. Build LEGO Together

    grandpa and grandkid bond over LEGO

    Gather around the table and unleash your creativity with a fun LEGO-building session! From simple structures to intricate designs, building with LEGO is a fantastic activity that grandparents and grandkids of any age can enjoy together. Let your imaginations run wild as you construct unique creations and share laughs along the way. Get hold of all the LEGO you need here.

    order bulk LEGO pieces

    38. Knitting or Sewing:


    Knitting or crocheting together is a wonderfully cozy and creative way for grandparents and grandkids to spend time together. Create cozy scarves or funny hats, sharing skills and stories as you work on your projects. To make this activity accessible and enjoyable for beginners, consider purchasing a children's knitting or crocheting kit. These kits typically include easy-to-use needles or hooks, colorful yarn, and simple patterns, perfect for teaching the basics of knitting or crocheting and creating fun, wearable art together.

    We love these kits:

    39. Crafting with Nature:

    crafting with natureCreating nature art is a wonderful way for grandparents and grandkids to explore their creativity while appreciating the beauty of the natural world. Leaves, sticks, and stones can become art in the right hands, transforming into beautiful collages, sculptures, or even mandalas. To facilitate this creative exploration, consider purchasing a nature art kit for kids, which might include non-toxic glue, paint, and a book of ideas for nature-based art projects. This kit can provide the tools and inspiration needed to turn natural finds into stunning artworks, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and the arts.


    40. Playing Card Games:

    playing cards
    Card games are a classic and enjoyable way for grandparents and grandkids to engage in light-hearted competition and strategic thinking. Deal a hand of Go Fish, Rummy, or even a simple game of Poker for pennies, enjoying the thrill of the game and the joy of spending time together. To enhance this card-playing experience, consider purchasing a set of large-print playing cards, which are easier for all ages to read and handle. These cards can make the games more accessible and enjoyable, especially for younger children or those with visual impairments, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

    Here are some of our favorite card games for kids:

    41. Attending a Workshop:


    Engaging in a shared learning experience at a workshop can be a deeply rewarding and bonding activity for grandparents and grandkids. Whether it's a new language, a craft, or a scientific concept, learn something new together and bond over the excitement of shared discovery. If you can't make it to a workshop, consider purchasing an educational kit or online course tailored to your shared interest. For instance, a beginner's science kit for experimenting at home, a language learning game, or a DIY craft set can provide the tools and guidance needed for both of you to explore and learn together, making the process fun and enriching.

    Here are some of our favorite kits:

    42. Researching Your Family Tree:

    family tree

    Exploring family history together is an engaging and meaningful way for grandparents and grandkids to connect with their heritage. Dive into history and uncover the roots of your shared story, whether it’s through old photos, letters, or family tales. To make this journey into the past even more captivating, consider purchasing a family tree kit or a subscription to an online genealogy service. These resources can help organize and expand your research, making it easier to trace lineage, discover ancestral stories, and create a visual representation of your family's unique history, thus deepening your understanding and appreciation of your shared heritage.

    If you're super into preserving family history, don't forget to check out Grandkids.com's Leave a Legacy packages. We'll help you capture your wisdom, family history, and life story for your adult grandkids and other family members. Please contact us to find out more. Here are two easy ways:

    1. Call us right now (1-800-296-8099) and we'll gladly talk with you about what your goals are and how interviewing normally goes.

    2. Fill out this simple contact form and we'll reply to set up a time to talk.

    There you have it! A list of activities as varied and exciting as the grandkids you adore. No matter which you choose, the real win is the time spent together, making memories that will echo through the halls of your family’s history. Go on, be the grandparent that puts the 'grand' in grandiose fun!

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