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20+ Ways Grandparents Can Show Love for Grandkids

20+ Ways Grandparents Can Show Love for Grandkids

Grandparents hold a unique and special place in the hearts of their grandkids. In a world that's rapidly changing, the timeless love between grandparents and grandkids remains a source of joy and comfort. Whether you’re near or far, there are countless ways to show your grandkids just how much they mean to you. Here are 20+ heartfelt and creative ways to express your love and strengthen your bond with your grandkids.

1. Set Up Regular Video Calls:

In today’s digital age, staying connected is easier than ever. Regular video calls can keep you involved in their daily lives. If you're a bit confused about how to use FaceTime, take our class specifically for grandparents. The goal is to show you buried FaceTime features that’ll enhance your calls that you probably don’t know exist.

2. Read to Them Regularly, Even If It's On Video Calls:

grandpa reading to grandkid

Whether in person or over a call, reading a book together can be a magical experience. Again, FaceTime is great for this but you can also use Facebook Messenger (here's a class for grandparents on how to use Facebook Messenger for video calls).

3. Hang photos of them around your house:

photos of grandkids on wall

Show your grandkids how much they mean to you by decorating your home with their photos. Create a special "grandkids gallery" on a wall or place framed pictures of them in different rooms. Every photo can be a conversation starter or a fond memory to recount when they visit, making them feel loved and important in your life. It's a simple yet heartfelt gesture that keeps your connection strong, even when you're apart.

Did you know? Grandkids.com can handle the whole photo gallery process for you. After ordering, just text us the photos (no complicated accounts to juggle). We'll do all of the photo editing, the printing, framing, and shipping for just $15 per image. The photos even come with wall-safe adhesive, so hanging them takes seconds. And, if you don't like where you put them, moving them takes seconds and leaves no residue. Get your photos (just like the ones in the above image).

make a photo gallery

4. Teach Them a Skill or Hobby:

grandma knitting

Passing down skills like knitting, woodworking, or baking is a great way to spend quality time together. We find kits are a great way to dive into a new hobby together. Here are some of our favorites:

5. Share Stories from Your Past:

Leave a Legacy

Kids love hearing tales from when their grandparents were young. Share your experiences and family history. Don't just think about the conversations you can have today; make sure your story lives on for them so that they can learn from you when you're no longer here. Grandkids.com can capture your life story and turn it into a mini-memoir. Find out more.

If you're thinking about how you'll be remembered and you'd like to explore how we can capture your life story for you, please contact us. Here are two easy ways:

1. You can call us right now (1-800-296-8099) and we'll gladly talk with you about what your goals are and how interviewing normally goes.

2. You can fill out this simple contact form and we'll reply to set up a time to talk:

Fill out my online form.

6. Write Them Letters:

grandma writing letters

In an era of instant messaging, the charm of handwritten letters is unmatched. It’s a personal and heartfelt way to communicate. The best part: When they write back, you can stick them on your fridge.

7. Create a Grandkid-Grandparent Book Club:

grandparent book club

Bond with your grandkids by starting a book club. Choose books that interest you both, read separately or together, and then discuss them. This activity fosters a love for reading, encourages insightful conversations, and strengthens your connection through shared literary adventures. You can build a library of children's books in just a few clicks here. Want to make it even more fun? Get a custom children's book made where your grandkid is the main character.

make a custom children's book

8. Start a Tradition:

gingerbread house with grandparents

Creating a special tradition with your grandkids is a great way to forge lasting memories. This could be an annual outing to a favorite park or museum to explore and learn. Holiday traditions are equally meaningful, such as baking a special family recipe together each year, or crafting homemade decorations for festive seasons. Games also make for great traditions; consider a yearly board game tournament or a special family game you play on each visit. These traditions become cherished rituals that you and your grandkids eagerly anticipate, creating a legacy of joyful experiences and shared stories.

9. Make a Family Tree Together:

family tree

Explore your family history and create a visual family tree. Kids and grandkids care far more about understanding where they came from than is apparent. Make sure you deliberately capture your family history and life story for future generations.

If you're interested in Grandkids.com helping you capture your life story as a memoir, please contact us. Here are two easy ways:

1. Call us right now (1-800-296-8099) and we'll gladly talk with you about what your goals are and how interviewing normally goes.

2. Fill out this simple contact form and we'll reply to set up a time to talk.

10. Share Priceless Family Photos

Preserving family memories stands out as a timeless gesture. Ensure that the photos capturing your cherished moments together are as vibrant as the memories they hold. With our photo restoration service, you can rejuvenate treasured photographs, creating a lasting legacy that your grandkids will cherish for a lifetime. Let the love for your grandkids shine through every restored image, weaving a tapestry of family history and affection that will be treasured for generations.

restore your photos

11. Cook Their Favorite Meal:

grandma cooking grandkid's favorite meal

Show love through food by preparing their favorite meal during their visits. Involve them in the cooking process with a fun cooking kit or a chef's outfit, making it an enjoyable and interactive experience. It's best to get them involved with a cute cooking kit and/or a chef's hat.

12. Celebrate Their Achievements:

celebrating achievements

Be their biggest cheerleader. Celebrate their successes, big or small. You can even get them a custom trophy, like "Theo Davidson, Superstar Artist" or "Julie Wick, World's Best Big Sister." Order a custom trophy here.

order a custom trophy

13. Craft Together:

Engage in arts and crafts with your grandkids for a blend of fun and creativity. Activities like painting, DIY projects, or coloring are great for skill development and bonding. You can create joint projects like a family scrapbook or individual art pieces, turning craft time into cherished memories and a chance for relaxed, meaningful conversations. You can even have Grandkids.com make custom coloring book pages based on images you text us.

get coloring pages

14. Listen Attentively:


Being a good listener is a profound way to show love to your grandkids. Taking the time to actively listen to their stories, ideas, and even concerns demonstrates that you value and respect their thoughts and feelings. This not only strengthens your bond but also builds their self-esteem and confidence. Whether it's a tale from their day at school or a grand idea they've concocted, showing genuine interest and offering your undivided attention can make a world of difference to them.

15. Volunteer Together:


Instilling the value of community service is a profound gift to your grandkids, and volunteering together is a perfect way to do this. By participating in community clean-ups, helping at a local shelter, or joining a charity event, you not only spend quality time together but also teach them compassion and the importance of helping others. These experiences can be eye-opening and fulfilling for them, helping to build a sense of responsibility and empathy. Volunteering together not only strengthens your bond but also leaves a lasting impact on both your lives and the community.

16. Get them a unique gift:


Turn them (or you!) into a bobblehead or get a puzzle made of a picture of the two of you. Basically, show them you care by getting a gift that's a bit outside the box—literally, if it's one of our customized mystery toy boxes! Grandkids.com has tons of unique and great gifts for grandkids for you to consider.

find a gift

17. Share Your Favorite Music:

sharing music

Bond over tunes by introducing your grandkids to your favorite music and exploring theirs. This exchange of melodies can be a delightful way to connect across generations and discover each other's musical tastes.

18. Build Something Lasting Together:

build a treehouse

Collaborate on a building project, such as assembling a treehouse or helping them fix their first car. These hands-on activities are not only fun but also a great way to teach practical skills and teamwork.

19. Build LEGO Creations Together:

grandpa and grandkid playing LEGO

Spend quality time with your grandkids by building LEGO masterpieces together. Whether it's constructing a towering castle or designing a futuristic spaceship, building with LEGO encourages creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. Get loads of LEGO easily here.

order bulk LEGO bricks

20. Play Video Games They Love:

Joining your grandkids in their favorite video games, be it Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, or Among Us, can be a delightful way to bond and have fun together. Engaging in Fortnite's adventurous world or the creative realms of Minecraft and Roblox allows you to enter their digital universe, offering insights into what captivates them. Among Us, with its strategy and teamwork, can lead to laughter-filled sessions. By playing these games, you're not only showing interest in their hobbies but also creating opportunities for teamwork, strategy-building, and lots of shared giggles and excitement.

21. Create a Scrapbook:

build a scrapbook

Preserve the precious moments you share with your grandkids by creating a scrapbook. Fill it with photos, notes, and various mementos from your time together. This activity not only provides a creative outlet but also results in a cherished keepsake that tells the story of your unique bond. Every page can capture a special memory, from holiday celebrations to everyday fun, making it a treasure trove of family history for years to come. If you'd like, you can include old family photos, too. Grandkids.com can even colorize them and repair them for you.

colorize an old photo

22. Simply Spend Time Together:

hang out

The simplest yet most profound way to show your love is by spending quality time with your grandkids. It doesn’t always have to be about planned activities or special occasions. Often, just being together, engaging in casual conversations, sharing stories, laughing over small things, and enjoying each other's company can be incredibly meaningful. This relaxed time together strengthens your bond, showing your grandkids that they are valued and loved for who they are. Whether it's a walk in the park, a quiet afternoon at home, or just sitting and chatting about their day, these moments of togetherness create a lasting impact and are cherished by both generations.

23. Never run out of activity ideas:

Keeping a fresh stream of activities for your grandkids can sometimes be a challenge, but you never want to run out and run the risk of being "the boring grandparent." With Grandkids.com's Personalized Grandkid Activity Lists, you'll always have something new and exciting up your sleeve. Tailored to your grandkid's age and your location, these fully custom and done-for-you lists offer a wealth of ideas specific to your situation, helping to ensure every grandkid visit is filled with fun and memorable moments.

Check out Grandkid's Personalized Grandkid Activity Lists to create lasting bonds, making every moment together special.

get an activity list

24. Be there for them, now and in the future:

Leave a Legacy

Being present in your grandkids' lives is about more than just spending time together; it's about building a lasting legacy of love, support, and guidance. With Grandkids.com's Leave a Legacy packages, you can ensure that your presence is felt now and in the years to come.

Create a treasure trove of memories and lessons that can be cherished and revisited by your adult grandkids long into the future. It's not just about the here and now; it's about leaving a part of yourself with them for their lifetime and beyond. Discover more about Grandkids.com's acclaimed Leave a Legacy packages and take the first step in creating a lasting impact that transcends time, ensuring that your love and values continue to guide and inspire your grandkids, no matter where life takes them.

If you're interested in Grandkids.com helping you capture your life story as a memoir, please contact us. Here are two easy ways:

1. Call us right now (1-800-296-8099) and we'll gladly talk with you about what your goals are and how interviewing normally goes.

2. Fill out this simple contact form and we'll reply to set up a time to talk.

The bond between grandparents and grandkids is precious and profound. By finding ways to express your love and spend time together, you create a legacy of memories and a foundation of love that lasts a lifetime. Remember, it’s not about grand gestures but the small, everyday acts that forge the strongest bonds.


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