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20+ Grandkid Gifts That'll Make You The Coolest Grandparent

20+ Grandkid Gifts That'll Make You The Coolest Grandparent

Looking for the perfect way to light up your grandkid's face with joy? Dive into our curated selection of grandkid-approved gifts that blend fun, learning, and a dash of nostalgia. From the latest gadgets to timeless classics, these gift ideas are guaranteed to earn you the title of "Coolest Grandparent"!

1. These dino eggs you can smash

dino eggs

You could delicately excavate them if you wanted, but smashing is the way to go. Buy them.

2. Walkie talkies that work up to 1,000 feet 

walkie talkies

There's not a kid on Earth who doesn't love walkie talkies. Buy a pair.

3. A custom puzzle of your grandkids

custom puzzle

This is a great "self-gift"—something to buy for yourself and keep at grandma and grandpa's house for when the kiddos come over. Order yours.

order a custom puzzle

4. A record of your life story

Leave a Legacy

Take the time to have a short memoir about your life written that your grandkids can read when they're old enough.

This isn't a gift to give now; just like handing down your car after you're gone, it's a gift for your grandkids in the future. It's something for them to remember you by, to understand who you were and what you want adult them to know. Find out more about how easy it is to capture your life story forever here.

Grandkids.com can help you capture your life story as a memoir, so your kids and grandkids can benefit from your wisdom for decades to come. If you're thinking about how you'll be remembered and you'd like to explore how we can write your family history and life story down for you, please contact us. Here are two easy ways:

1. You can call us right now (1-800-296-8099) and we'll gladly talk with you about what your goals are and how interviewing normally goes.

2. You can fill out this simple contact form and we'll reply to set up a time to talk:

Fill out my online form.

5. A classic Lite Brite

lite brite

It's a classic for a reason. Get it today.

6. This gross science lab

gross chemistry kit

Look, I don't want to play with eyeballs but your grandkid probably does. Order it.

7. A custom book about your grandkid


Imagine the look on your grandkid's face when they realize they're the star of their own book. Order one here.

order a custom book

8. A burrito blanket

burrito blanket

Don't mistake the above for a flour tortilla; it's a HUGE blanket.

burrito blanket wrapped up

Frankly, kids already often smell a bit like cheese. Why not turn them into a burrito? In all seriousness, this gift walks that fine line between goofy and cozy. Order one.

9. A robot science kit

robot science kit

The perfect intro to robotics, this one is a blast. Buy it.

10. A custom bobblehead of your grandkid

custom bobblehead

You can either get a bobblehead of them for yourself or—perhaps better yet—a bobblehead of you for them. :) Get yours here.

order a bobblehead

11. A reversible octopus plushie

reversible octopus

I have no idea why this one is so popular but there are over 97,000 reviews on Amazon! Clearly I'm not cool enough to understand but kids have spoken and they LOVE this thing. Order one here.

12. A geode kit

geode kit

For the scientist young and old, crack open these real geodes with your grandkids to see the crystals inside. Get crackin' here.

13. A custom trophy to celebrate your grandkid's passion

best reader trophy

Are they excited to read? Dance? Ride their bike? Encourage them to the max with a custom trophy that highlights their passion. For a second in time, let them believe they're the "Best Ballerina Ever." Order here.

get a custom trophy

14. A magnetic fidget cube

shapeshifting cube

I truly don't understand this one, but I don't have to; the internet has spoken and over 4,300 people provided glowing reviews on Amazon. Check out the video and order it here.

15. An Instant Library of Kids' Books (Bulk Children's Books)

Looking to foster a love of reading in your grandkid? Consider gifting them an instant library of children's books! There's something for every young reader in these age-appropriate curated collections. With an instant library at their fingertips, your grandkid can embark on countless literary adventures and discover the joy of reading! Order a set here.

order bulk children's books

16. A bubble gun machine

bubble gun

Nothing beats bubbles. And, you know what's better than a few bubbles? All the bubbles. Easy to use and not unnecessarily annoying, this bubble gun is a hit. Order it here.

17. Custom coloring book pages of you and your grandkid

custom coloring pages

These are a cute gift when you want to slow things down. Do you ever dream of calmly sitting at your kitchen table playing with your grandkid? This is one way. Get yours here.

get coloring pages

18. A massive box of random LEGO bricks

Looking for a gift that will fuel your grandkid's creativity? Consider gifting them a bulk box of random LEGO pieces. With a variety of colorful bricks, your grandkid can build anything they can dream up, from towering skyscrapers to intricate vehicles. The possibilities are endless. Order LEGO bricks in bulk here.

order bulk LEGO bricks

19. A huge pack of magnet tiles

 magnet tiles

This is one of my favorites on this list because they're fun for all ages. No directions to follow, no pointy bits to step on, start building right when they're out of the box. Simple and excellent. Buy them here.

20. A mystery toy box

mystery toy box

Get a mystery toy box customized for your grandkid's age and interests (dinosaurs? cars?). Enjoy the fun of a curated box of surprises. Get one here.

get a mystery toy box

21. An erasable doodle tablet

doodle board

Great for road trips! Draw, draw, draw and then click that little silver button to instantly erase. So simple! Get one here.

22. The gift so nice, we added it twice 

Leave a Legacy

By far, the best gift you can give your grandkids is a record of who you are, where you came from, and the wisdom you'd like to share with them.

Think about how nice it would have been if your grandparents or parents had written down their life story, family history, and life lessons from which you could benefit. Grandkids.com has made it downright easy to offer that to your family. Find out more about capturing your life story and having it live on forever here.

If you're interested in Grandkids.com helping you capture your life story as a memoir, please contact us. Here are two easy ways:

1. Call us right now (1-800-296-8099) and we'll gladly talk with you about what your goals are and how interviewing normally goes.

2. Fill out this simple contact form and we'll reply to set up a time to talk.


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